Guarantees and Warranties

Is the repaired/replaiced product covered by a new guarantee?

Yes. If the good has been replaced, a new 2-year legal guarantee begins.

To what remedies am I entitled free of charge?

There is a so-called hierarchy of remedies. Firstly, repair or replacement, according to yours wishes, within a reasonable time frame and free of charge.  Secondly, refund or reduction of the purchase price if repair or replacement is impossible, but only under certain conditions.

Who pays the delivery costs in case that I claim goods bought online in another country?

Trader pays the costs of transporting goods if the claim is legitimate. Trader is obliged to pay the lowest necessary costs.

Do I have to bring claimed goods to a foreign seller personally or is it enough to send claimed goods by mail?

It is enough to send it by mail, preferably by registered mail to another EU country, Iceland or Norway. It is wise to keep the receipt.

Do I have the same consumer rights everywhere in the EU?

Yes, in most cases. The European Union has agreed on a number of pieces of legislation that protect consumers in all member states. However some of these European rules are just minimum rules and full harmonisation is not required, this means that in some cases domestic legislation concerning consumer protection can vary slightly between countries (that is some countries take consumer protection even further).

I bought a camera during my holiday in Croatia despite it wasn’t much in use after one year it broke down. Trader told me that guarantee period has lapsed. How long is the guarantee period in the EU?

The mandatory legal guarantee for which the trader is responsible (Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive). This legal guarantee usually has a duration of 2 years but can be reduced to one year for used products. If you bought a new camera it’s been covered by the legal guarantee.