File a complaint

I have completed the form but I encountered problems while sending the form.

Make sure that:

  • You ticked privacy statement
  • You provided dates in correct format: day-month-year (i.e. 1-02-2016)

Use a decimal point (11.36) , not comma (11,36).

I want to attach more than 2 MB of documents to the complaint form.

The size of the document that can be attached to the complaint form cannot exceed 2 MB, otherwise you can use any free service to send big or small files from A to B or send it to our e-mail.

Do you need any documents?

We kindly ask you to upload the most important documents:

  • the copy of the complaint sent to the trader;
  • the copy of the sale contract, reservation, order, electronic tickets etc.;
  • the copy of the trader’s general terms and conditions if relevant for the case;
  • copies of all correspondence you had with the trader;
  • copies of invoices, receipt and other documents that would show the payment made (bank extras etc.).

Be sure to send only copies and to keep the originals.

What to state in the description of the case?

The online complaint form will allow you to fill in your details and the details of the trader, choosing also the country of establishment of the trader. You should provide us with a description of your case.

I have current version of Adobe Readed, but your complaint form still needs update!

The problem can be bypassed by using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

You can also right-click on the “Download complaint form (PDF)” button. Please choose “Save target as” on the pop-up window and save the complaint form on your computer. You can now open the document by double-click and fill in the form.

Please click the “Send the complaint form” once to send the document.

I cannot open the complaint form!

Some versions of the Adobe Reader can be subject of transfer problems. An error message appears when sending the complaint form. For best results please use the current version of Adobe Reader.