File a complaint

If you have a consumer complaint about a trader based in another EU/EEA country and you have tried to resolve the matter with the trader to no avail, to file a complaint, go to the online complaint form.

For this please go through the checklist.

  • 1

    Do you have permanent residence in Slovakia?

    If you are consumer resident in another EU and the European Economic Area (Norway and Iceland) member state you should file a complaint to the ECC the country of your residency.

    Should you have permanent residency outside of the EU except Norway and Iceland ECC-Net cannot help you with your cross-border dispute. Access to the services of ECC-Net is currently limited to consumers resident in the EU and the European Economic Area (Norway and Iceland).

  • 2

    Have you bought the product or service as a consumer (not in the course of your trade, business or profession)?

    ECC-Net cannot address cases between two traders (B2B transactions).

  • 3

    Do you have a complaint about a trader from another EU-member state, Norway or Iceland?

    When you are having a complaint about a Slovak trader, please contact Slovak Trade Inspection ( and/or consider settling your dispute out-of-court through an Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure.

    ECC-Net cannot help you with your cross-border dispute if the trader is based outside EU, except Norway and Iceland.

  • 4

    Have you already sent a written complaint to the trader? (This includes e-mail)

    If you haven’t sent a written complaint to the trader yet, we advise you to do this as soon as possible. By doing this, you are providing the trader the opportunity to resolve your complaint. Moreover, the ECC cannot assist you without proof of a written complaint.