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ECC Slovakia is also national contact point of the ODR Platform. What does it mean for me?

The national contact point of the ODR Platform can:

  • Explain how the ODR Platform works.
  • Tell you what dispute resolution bodies do.
  • Help you communicate with the trader/dispute resolution body.
  • Help you submit your complaint.
  • Give you basic information on your rights.
  • Suggest other ways of resolving the dispute, if this process doesn’t work for you.

You can contact national contact point at any point in the procedure. Send a message through the site or contact them by e-mail or phone.

What is The ODR Platform for?

The ODR Platform is for online consumers and traders in the EU. It helps you settle disputes about online purchases – without going to court. If you are a consumer, it can help you resolve a complaint about goods or services purchased online in the EU – without going to court. In some countries, it can also help EU traders who have a complaint about a customer. The site is free to use & is managed by the European Commission.

My flight left at dawn. I left the car in perfect condition in the car park of the rental company. Yet the rental company has charged me repair costs. Can they do this?

As for the problem with the clutch, the rental company must be able to prove that there is damage, and that this was caused during the rental period. In practice, car rental companies will not hesitate to charge you for any damage they have unilaterally observed. You should therefore take pictures of the car with an indication of the date when leaving it in the car park.

The rental company doesn’t think an inspection of the car is necessary. Can I trust this?

Drawing up a written report on the condition of the car before using it is in your own best interest. In this way, the car rental company cannot hold you liable for any damage that was found during this inspection.

The rental company doesn’t accept payment of the deposit using a non-embosed credit card. Is this legal?

The rental car company itself is entitled to limit the payment options, but should inform you accordingly in advance. Always verify the terms and conditions of the rental company prior to your departure.

I have booked a car in Italy. Can I cross the border and drive into Switzerland?

Rental companies sometimes limit the geographical area in which you can drive. Check the rental agreement for the countries in which you can drive.