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I booked a package holiday but I want to transfer it to a third person. Can I do this?

In principle you are allowed to transfer the package travel to a third person seven days before the start of the journey. The person that substitutes you has to meet all the conditions of the travel agreement. Besides, you have to inform the tour operator in writing and the tour operator has to approve the subrogation.

I booked a trip online, but actually want to cancel it. Can I do this?

You do not have a 14 days cooling off period for Internet bookings. If you book a package holiday online, then you have no right of withdrawal. The general terms and conditions of the tour operator indicate whether you may cancel (for a fee).

Shortly before departure, the tour operator informed me that I will have to stay in a different inferior hotel. I disagree with this change. What can I do?

If there is a non-minor amendment which gives you a great disadvantage, then you do not have to agree with this. You can then cancel the trip or you can accept the lesser package, combined with compensation for the price difference.

What price reductions can I claim if the package tour was defective?

If the defects were not rectified on the spot and you haven’t withdrawn from the contract, you can claim price reduction after your arrival home. For the amount calculation it is convenient to use so called „Frankfurter Tabelle“ as general guidance. http://www.rechtspraxis.de/frankfurt.http.

What’s the “Frankfurter Tabelle“?

It’s a table for the percentage reduction of price for various defects in package travel tours.