Guarantees and Warranties

Am I entitled to a guarantee?

The European Directive 99/44/EC on the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees provides you as a consumer with protection when you buy something from a trader in an EU Member State. There are some exceptions that are not covered by the Directive, namely:

  • Real estate;
  • Goods that are sold at court auction;
  • Water, gas and electricity in bulk.

Can I get my money back if the product bought from trader from another EU member state is broken or not working properly?

You are not necessarily entitled to a refund. This is only possible if repair or replacement is not possible, if the seller takes too long to provide a solution or several repairs have not solved the problem.  You can also choose to accept an appropriate reduction in price.

Who carries costs of replacement, repair or cancellation of the contract?

If your claim is accepted. Costs of replacement,repair or cancellation of the contract, which usually include transport/shipping costs, as well as any other cost linked to repair have to be borne by trader.

Within what time frame must the seller provide a remedy?

There is any specific deadline which the seller has to respect, but several Member States do lay down precise deadlines within which the seller must comply with the legal guarantee obligations. The solution has to be implemented within 30 days in Slovakia.

How long is the guarantee?

In Europe, you are entitled to a 2 year guarantee. This period is a minimum period that each EU Member State must comply with. Deviations from this may only be made for the benefit of the consumer.