Passenger rights

In the event of cancellation or delay of the train is there any compensation?

Passengers may claim a minimum compensation equivalent to:

  • 25 % of the ticket price for a delay of 60 to 119 minutes,
  • 50 % of the ticket price for a delay of 120 minutes or more.

What are my rights when my (international) train is delayed 2,5 hours?

If you are told you will arrive at your final destination with a delay of 2,5 hour, you are entitled to cancel your travel plans and request an immediate refund of the cost of your ticket. You may also be entitled to a return journey to your initial departure point. Further you should be provided with meals and refreshments (proportionate to the waiting time) and for accommodation – if you have to stay overnight.

What are my rights when my train is delayed 50 minutes?

If your train is delayed 50 minutes, you have the right to appropriate information about what is happening while you are waiting. You have the right for compensation, when the delay is at least one hour.

Who can I contact when I think that the railway company breached his obligations and I want to lodge a complaint?

If you think your rights have not been respected, you can complain to the railway company, which must reply within 1 month. If you are not satisfied with their reply, you can contact the national enforcement body in your country.

Is there a legally prescribed deadlines within should I report damaged or lost luggage?

  • within 7 days of receiving damaged luggage,
  • within 21 days of receiving delayed luggage,
  • as soon as possible if your luggage appears to be lost (luggage is considered to be lost if it has not been found after 21 days).

If you do not observe these time limits, the airline may refuse to compensate you.

My luggage did not appear on the carousel I need es¬sential hygienic items and clothing. Can I buy anything I want?

Some airlines offer kits with essential items. If your airline doesn’t, of course you can purchase these essential items and possibly also replacement cloth­ing. Be reasonable when doing so and keep any receipts. The airline will provide compensation on the basis of these receipts. If your luggage went missing on a flight home, the airline will most probably not compensate the purchase of essential items on the as­sumption that you will have them at home anyway.

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