Air Passengers Rights

Is there a legally prescribed deadlines within should I report damaged or lost luggage?

  • within 7 days of receiving damaged luggage,
  • within 21 days of receiving delayed luggage,
  • as soon as possible if your luggage appears to be lost (luggage is considered to be lost if it has not been found after 21 days).

If you do not observe these time limits, the airline may refuse to compensate you.

My luggage did not appear on the carousel I need es¬sential hygienic items and clothing. Can I buy anything I want?

Some airlines offer kits with essential items. If your airline doesn’t, of course you can purchase these essential items and possibly also replacement cloth­ing. Be reasonable when doing so and keep any receipts. The airline will provide compensation on the basis of these receipts. If your luggage went missing on a flight home, the airline will most probably not compensate the purchase of essential items on the as­sumption that you will have them at home anyway.

Do I have the right to compensation when I sign up as a volunteer in case that the airplane is overcrowded?

You have the right for such amount of compensation on which you agree with the carrier.

When I am denied boarding, do I have the right to both re-routing and reimbursement of flight ticket?

No. The passenger can choose between re-routing and reimbursement of the flight ticket. The carrier can provide refreshments and potential accommodation only to those passengers who choose re-routing.

What amount of financial compensation am I eligible for?

The amount of financial compensation is the same as in case of flight cancellation 250 – 600 euro and it depends on flight distance.

I arived at the airport with a confirmed reservation but I was denied boarding. What are my rights?

If you are involuntarily denied boarding, you have the same entitlements as those whose flights have been cancelled:

  • rerouting to the final destination, or a refund for the part or parts of the journey not completed,
  • you should receive adequate care from the air carrier,
  • right to compensation
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