Online payments

If I buy goods or a service from a trader abroad my consumer rights may be different to my country. Law of which country is applied when I buy online?

If trader pursues his commercial or professional activities in the member state of usual residence of the consumer or the trader focuses on the state of the consumer in any way, the contract will generally be governed by the law of the state of the consumer’s usual residence. So, ordinarily the contracts concluded with Slovak consumers will be governed by Slovak law and the rules will be the same as if the consumer shopped in a domestic e-shop.

Keep in mind, if you buy something from a e-shop based in another EU Member State, your rights are the same or very similar to your rights when you buy stuff in Slovakia. Since 2014 have been unified the rules governing the business-to-consumer relationship in the fields of consumer information for contracts other than distance or off premises contracts, consumer information and right of withdrawal for distance and off-premises contracts, other consumer rights.

Trader hasn’t delivered my wedding dress before the wedding? Do I have right to withdraw from the contract?

Purchase of a wedding dress falls into circumstances where the delivery period is essential. If you stated in contract that delivery period or and the trader fails to deliver the goods on time, you should be entitled to terminate the contract immediately upon expiry of the initially agreed time limit.

What to do if something you ordered hasn’t arrived?

If you paid goods by a credit card and goods were not delivered, you can contact your bank and ask for refund through the so-called chargeback procedure.

Which is the safest payment method?

The most secure payment method is to pay after the receipt of your package. Unless trader delivers the goods before payment, use credit or debit card online payments which can provide you with increased protection in case your order does not arrive. This also applies to certain payment systems (e.g. Paypal).

Is it safe to pay over the internet?

The vast majority of people shop online without any difficulty. In case of doubts, you should avoid using a Money-wiring service because you will have no recourse if something goes wrong.