How does ODR Platform Work?

 The platform is user-friendly, multilingual and accessible to all. Everything is done in four, simple steps:

  • The consumer fills in an online complaint form and submits it.
  • The complaint is sent to the relevant trader, who proposes an ADR entity to the consumer.
  • Once consumer and trader agree on an ADR entity to handle their dispute,
  • the EU ODR platform transfers automatically the complaint to that entity.
  • The ADR entity handles the case entirely online and reaches an outcome in 90 days

The legal basis for the establishment of the Online Dispute Resolution platform is Regulation on Consumer Online Dispute Resolution, which describes the main functions of the platform as well as the workflow for a dispute that is submitted through the platform. The Regulation builds upon Directive on consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution, which ensures that consumers have access to Alternative Dispute Resolution when resolving their contractual disputes with traders.

Access to Alternative Dispute Resolution is ensured no matter what product or service they purchased, whether the product or service was purchased online or offline and whether the trader is established in the consumer’s Member State or in another Member State.

Out of court bodies in Europe

Member States establish national lists of bodies offering Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures (ADR bodies). All Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies included in those lists comply with binding quality requirements set by the EU legislation.