Simple Ways to Reduce Your Consumer Complaints

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) consists of 30 members. It is our mission to inform consumers about their rights and obligations in the European Union, Iceland and Norway and to assist them in case of a cross-border complaint about a trader in another EU country, Iceland or Norway. Every year we receive more than 25 000 enquiries and complaints concerning holiday booking.

Stand out as a role model – Adopt visible best practice models.

Consumers want to make an informed decision – Make use of a transparent and comprehensive price indication policy.

Offer your customers, at the beginning of the online booking, information on the final price inclusive of all mandatory fees, taxes and additional charges; detail the exact content of the service for this price, display clearly optional additional charges. These should be visible in the same size and color of letters like the rest of the page.

Offer your customers for example a drop down menu reflecting the composition of the final price inclusive of all mandatory fees, taxes and additional charges.

IF the final price depends on some personal information: age of the driver in car rental, this need to be dealt with as early as possible in the booking.

Assure a quick and helpful customer service.

Make sure that your customer service is as effective and user friendly as your online reservation process and include the link to the ODR Platform, be responsive to reports coming from it.

Have a reliable Trustmark.

A serious Trustmark makes your website even more attractive, trustworthy and recommendable.

Get satisfied customers.

Don’t’ forget: Adapting a clear and comprehensive price indication policy will create satisfied consumers which, in a digital Era, will share their positive experiences online with other costumers.