Principle of safe online shopping

Zásady bezpečného nakupovania online
  • Shopping from e-shop where your friends had already bought something and were satisfied may be considered as safe. Generally it is important to search for references!
  • It is important to understand the language of the website, where the products or services are offered. After the agreement with the seller, there is no excuse for not understanding the language of the website content. Your rights and obligations are just the same as if you would understand the language.
  • Avoid shopping on the webpage where you cannot find contact details of the trader either in contact form or in terms & conditions. When you cannot find trader´s details in order to know who is your contract partner stop browsing such webpage and leave it!
  • There are suspicious webpages where you receive only automatic emails without possibility to contact trader. In case that already at the beginning before you would order and buy something you have problem to contact anybody from trader it may be a symptom that something might go wrong.
  • Visit online forums where you can find references on given webpage or trader – either negative or positive. Search on google for references from other consumers about good or service you are aiming to buy.
  • Do not act in haste by online shopping – not only in case of buying electronics or other goods but also by online registration on the webpages where you are invited to register on order to have the chance to win interesting electronics. Please do not accept T&C without reading them – especially part with payment arrangements and part concerning cancellation of the registration.
  • Be careful in case of so called subscription traps where you register for receiving any type of product or service regularly and the contract will be automatic prolonged in case that you do not cancel it in particular time period before ending the time where you were register for.