Contract concluded on-line

After you have filled in the order form, including delivery and payment conditions, trader shall inform you in a clear and prominent manner about following facts:

  • what are you going to buy,
  • how much you have to pay overall for it,
  • the duration of the contract and the conditions for terminating the contract,
  • the minimum duration of consumer´s obligation under the contract.

Compulsory bottom ´order with obligation to pay´

If placing an order by consumer is connected with obligation to pay, the button shall be labelled in an easily legible manner only with the words ´order with obligation to pay´ or corresponding unambiguous formulation indicating that placing the order entails an obligation to pay the trader. If trader fails to label the button in this way the consumer shall not be bound by the contract or order.

You as a consumer shall pay for the order by means that you had chosen before placing the order – either payment by delivery or advance payment. By advance payment through internet banking we recommend you to use only secure pages https://. Payment through 3D secure pages is one of the most secure payment methods.

Before you order goods from e-shops within EU we recommend you to search for fees connected with crossborder payments. In case of payment with Euro we recommend SEPA payment which is free of charge.

Contract concluded through telemarketing

You can order a good also by phone when you receive a phone call with offer from trader – so called telemarketing. In these cases trader shall inform you about trader´s identity or identity of the person who is calling you and about purpose of the call – what you will be offered and how much you will pay for the good offered to you. According to legal provisions the contract is concluded after your consent with the contract has been delivered to trader in writing, email included.

We shall keep all documents

There is strongly recommended to keep all documents connected with online purchase for the case of problems, e.g. nondelivery of ordered and prepaid good, withdrawal from the contract within cooling-off period, possible claim in case of defects occurred within guarantee period, etc. Do not forget that there is 24 month of guarantee valid also for good purchased through internet.

You should save in your computer copy of the order confirmation, copy of contract concluded through internet, terms & conditions which are part of the contract, payment confirmation, invoice (when it was delivered with good we keep the invoice in paper), email correspondence with trader, etc.