To what remedies am I entitled free of charge?

The consumer has a legal right to receive a product which is in line with the description given by the seller, has all of the features he/she might reasonably expect such an item to have, and is fit for purpose. But what to do if the items become faulty? In this case your rights depend on nature of the defects.

Removable defects

If the defect can be removed, you have the right to request their free and prompt removal. Trader should remove the defects without any delay. If the claimed defects will not be proved or proved that they are not warranty defects, the complaint may be unfounded and rejected.

You have right to request replacement of goods instead of removal of defects, unless costs arise for the trader unreasonable to the nature and severity of the defect.

Trader can always replace defective goods instead of removing their defects, unless it causes serious difficulties to you.

Irremovable defects

If the defect cannot be removed or if it is a defect that can be removed but occurred several times (more than twice) or if it includes several defects (more than two defects at the same time), you have the right to request replacement of the goods or terminate the contract.

In the case of other irremovable defects (that do not hinder the use), the you the right to reasonable discount from the price of goods or replacement of goods.