Six basic rights in rail transport services within the EU

Buying tickets

Tickets must be available for purchase via staffed stations, ticket counters, selling machines, or the internet. In the absence of all of the above, rail carriers must have a facility to enable you to buy tickets on the train.

Safe travelling

Rail carriers, infrastructure managers, and station managers must take adequate measures to ensure your personal safety both on board trains and in stations.

Rights of passengers with a disability or reduced mobility

You are entitled to purchase tickets and reservations without any additional charge. Station managers and rail carriers must develop and apply non-discriminatory access rules.

Information on accessibility

At your request, rail companies, ticket vendors, and tour operators must also provide  you with information on the accessibility of rail transport services, passenger coaches, and on-board facilities.

Compensation for injury or death and liability for luggage

Rail companies must compensate you and/or your family in the event of injury or death, provided that the cause of the injury or death was not out of the control of the rail company. The company must also compensate for loss of or damage to hand luggage in the event of injury or death, and damage to registered luggage.

Proper insurance

Rail companies must be adequately ensured to cover their liabilities in respect of passengers and luggage.