Shopping online

What are the things to keep in mind when shopping online?

If the offer looks too good to be true, there is a reason to raise caution. Before you buy, keep in mind that an eshop can be easily created in a minute by anyone. So, it is worth trying to check credibility of a trader before the purchase.
You can for example simply type the name of the respective e-shop in a search engine and find out about other users’ experience with the respective trader.
You should find the e-shop’s operator on the website before the purchase and if possible, check the business register of the trader’s national state to see whether the entrepreneur is registered or not.

I buy most stuff online and I am always concern, that my items will not arrive. Is shopping online from abroad safe?

A simple internet search should reveal any negative feedback about the trader left by other consumers, but be aware that some unscrupulous traders may also leave false positive feedback about themselves. Keep in mind, if you buy something from a trader from another EU Member State, your rights are the same or very similar to your rights when you buy stuff in Slovakia.