Your rights and package holidays

Right to information

You should receive clear and accurate information about all aspects of the holiday before you sign the contract (including information on optional travel insurance, passports, visas and health formalities).

Right to proper provision of service

At least one party is responsible for the package as a whole, even where the individual services are provided by different companies. Depending on your country, this may be the organiser (tour operator), the retailer (travel agent), or both. You must be given this party’s contact details in case you need to make a complaint during your holiday or seek compensation when you get home.

Assistance in solving problems

You have the right to assistance if you get into difficulties. You must therefore be given an emergency number for the tour operator or travel agent.

Bankruptcy protection

If the organiser goes bankrupt there are guarantees to make sure that you get your money backand, if you have already started your holiday, that you are repatriated. Practical details depend on national rules and the body through which the organiser has arranged this protection.

Right to transfer your package to someone else

You can transfer your package to someone else if you are unable to take the holiday you booked. However, you may have to pay any extra costs arising from this transfer.

Predictable price

The price stated in your contract may be increased only under certain, specific, conditions (e.g. rises in transport costs, taxes/fees charged by third parties or exchange rates) and not later than 20 days before the start of the package.

If the organiser changes the content (including the price) of the package significantly and you then cancel the holiday, you can get your money back or choose an alternative package. The same applies if the organiser cancels the holiday. In certain cases you may also be entitled to compensation.

These rules are not applicable if you put your holiday together yourself by buying the various components from retailers or websites that are not linked in any way.