What you should know before buying, signing a contract

Wherever you buy a product or service in the EU the trader must provide you with clear, correct and understandable information about the product or service before you make the purchase.

This contract information should include:

  • the main product characteristics,
  • the total price inclusive of taxes and all charges,
  • delivery costs , (if applicable) – and any other additional charges,
  • arrangements for payment, delivery or performance,
  • the trader’s identity, geographical address and telephone number,
  • reminder of the existence of a legal guarantee of conformity for goods, the existence and the conditions of after-sales services and commercial guarantees (if applicable),
  • the duration of the contract (if applicable).

Some of this information may not have to be provided explicitly, if it is apparent from the context – such as the characteristics of a product which are displayed on a shelf in the shop.

Prior information forms part of the contract unless you and the trader jointly agree on changes to the terms given on, for example, the trader’s website.

Contracts must be written in plain and understandable language and cannot contain unfair contract terms.